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Paroles de Win some lose some

Interprétées par Robbie Williams

We didn't think it'd last beyond summer
I met her father she met my mother
We didn't have anywhere else to go
She said to me when we grow older
Will we still need young love on
Our shoulders does it just fade away
Will we ever know

1. She touched my face and called me her lover
I never thought that I'd need another

Your cool suburban sun
You're foolin' every one
You win some you lose some

I didn't know what we had found
Just caught the bus and rode it to town
She wouldn't notice anything else but me


Dancing at discos
And moaning at phone bills
Torremolinos and sun burnt in high heels
Swap it and sell it and drop it and smell it
All those years ago


Now it's gone, now it's gone
You win some, you lose some

Win some

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