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Paroles de You've got that something

Interprétées par Robyn

Look at me here I am I´m givin all of my lovin´
everyday of my life to you
All you see can be yours
If you show me you love me just one little hint will do
And I know I give too much and there is much I sacrifice
But I´ve got all the reasons when I look into your eyes
I know I love you even though I shouldn´t and you should know
I´ve tried to stop
You´ve got that somethin´
Somethin´ I can´t describe
Gives me that feelin´
Gives me that freaky vibe
You`ve got that something that makes me feel so fine
Makes it worth waiting until the day that
you will be mine, all mine
You decide take your time I just want you to know that
I´ll always be here for you
My friends keep tellin me: you´ve gotta let go!
They say that I´m too good for you and maybe that is true
But I just keep on lovin´ you the way I did before
And you should know I´ve tried to stop

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