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Paroles de Swung on

Interprétées par Roméo doit mourir

(Stanley Clarke Feat Politix)

Yo, with the body of a goddess
Make no mistake about
Never was a good cook
So plenty cats ate out
Catch me at a steakhouse
Cats be on a stake out
Wanna hear what I drop
Cop when the tape out
Hit the Av with my dudes
Break out and shake out
I'm rude I'll eat your food
Chicks f suited up
Boot it up, suit it up
For loot we shoot 'em up
Truly scar y'all with two revolvers
Keep my hair and nails done
Fresh out the beauty parlor
B-E-D-S-T-U-Y I put it down for my niggas
Let's see you try

Repeat 1 (2x)

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