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Paroles de Call of the wild

Interprétées par Roxette

I know her, and every notion I get from her I wear inside me.
I know her, all of the broken leaves of love she lives behind.
Oh-don't you hide away from the rain.
Oh-can you tell me the name of this game? I got to get thru to you.
Behind the door, another wall,a lonely cry a call of the wild.
A dancing daze, a empty face, a crystal high, a call of the wild.
And there is something that sweeps the dark, a lover's dart, a call of the wild.
Wrapped in the night, behind these eyes, oh hear the cry, the call of the wild.
I know her and in my mind I dream of her, how she aches without me.
I know her and every heart is a lonely hunter when she walks by.
Oh-can you read the hurt in my eyes?
Oh-don't you leave without saying goodbye. I got to get thru to you.

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