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Paroles de Jefferson

Interprétées par Roxette

Jefferson was always out of luck
I remember when we both grew up
Jefferson got hit by a westbound truck
I guess that didn't make him look like a million bucks
That night when Sally really stole the show
And every boy was captured diggin' for gold
Poor old Jefferson was left in the snow

I'm gonna pray for Jefferson Pray for Jefferson's soul

Jefferson is always on my mind
When him and me were runnin' out of time
Jefferson was sure enough left behind
The cops came in and took him by surprise
That night when Sally really showed her game
The neighbourhood would never be the same
Poor old Jefferson got the blame

I'm gonna pray for Jefferson Pray for Jefferson's soul

I do believe he didn't do wrong
I say a prayer for someone I care for

That night where Sally really gave it all
And made us small boys look quite tall
Poor old Jefferson left the ball

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