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Paroles de Sleeping single

Interprétées par Roxette

Here's the house. Here's the city and the stream.
Here's the father to my dream. Here's the lost and lonely look in your eyes.
When you leave I will break down and cry.
Sleeping single - I will wait for you. I'm sleeping single - 'til you change your mind.
Sleeping single - I will wait for you'til time has gone by. I'll pay the price
for all the love you poured like rain "toujours l'amour" over again,
but the midnight chills are getting so rough and the bed is big enough for both of us.
Sleeping single - I would die for you. I'm sleeping single - won't you change your way.
Sleeping single - I will pray for you to stay, he-he-hey ... he-he-hey ...

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