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Paroles de Here i am

Interprétées par Sertab Erener

something calling from deep inside me,
a voice i knew but i could not hear.
for so long i have tried to hide me,
couldn't see that you were so near.

you know me,
you show me,
everything that i really am and,
you see me,
you gave me strength enough to say.

here i am
ready for your love
here i am
i'll never run away
i have made my connection,
seen my reflection in you.
so here i am.

living under a lonely shadow,
i have seen from the other side.
hope will shine from a single candle,
leaving all of the pain behind.

it's our way,
a new day,
living in the here and now and,
i'm feeling strong enough to say.

never leave me,
you complete me.
i finally know who i love,
i love you

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