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Paroles de Not Afraid

Interprétées par Sisqo

Yo i swear I been throught it all
and I pray that i never fall, God protect me
as I swing by dragon chain all my dogs with me
just to set the record straight homey

I'm not afraid (shit) no I'm not afraid of anything
and I swear that I'm goin' not be youg forever
pump ya fist pump ya disc never miss
with a track in back as crunk as this

On the wall I'm a place my name
if my dog then you do the same is you with me
evry ghetto evry hood time to make it understood
now sing sing it!

Refrain (2x)

And y'all don't undersatand what
happened with my mans and them
yes ride for my ride for my
I die for my I die
and now yhat they gone I guess
I'm all alone
but I'm gonna be okay
as long as the wood with me

Refrain (2x)

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