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Paroles de Intellectualise my blackness

Interprétées par Skunk Anansie

I hit him with a piece of his philosophy
Anglo-saxon muck in his type of greed
What did he deserve to such hate
(he tried to) Intellectualise my blackness
He put on his leathers and his reaggae trainers
Threw away bob marley put on maxi priest
I told him 'bout the problems of his conscious deeds
(when he tried to) Intellectualise my blackness
He tried to summerize, to institutionalise
Still I could recognize, he was materialized
He tried to intellectualise my blackness
To make it easier for his whiteness
He tried to intellectualise my blackness, (oh) save me
He's always tryin' to make up for his little slips
The joke about the nigga and the yellow nip
Then he tells me i'm so different from those other shits
(when he tries to) Intellectualise my blackness
Motherfucker don't you lecture - rise me
Don't you ever try to lecturize me

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