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Paroles de The Shape

Interprétées par Slipknot

Too tragic to stay with you
Too static to try for you
These scars,they swallow hard
The part of the past that's hollow and dark
Too horrid to kill for you
Too sordid to die with you
Unstable as always,come down
Everything else is just dust and sound
SEPARATE(I've lost my only way)
SEPARATE(I've lost my only way)
SEPARATE(I've lost my only way)
SEE THE SHAPE(Broken and thrown away)
I'd give it all away,come take it all away
You can't resent the fear
Somebody tell me how I got here
I'd give it all to you,come take it,it's all for you
The noise is so damn loud,but
Everything else is just dust and sound
I don't wanna do this anymore
Everything's shit - everything's been taken
Forsaken - gotta start it over cuz I'm hearing it
Backwards - DON'T make sense - DON'T feel better
Who's better?It's not that simple
You gotta figure it out before you make things difficult
It's not a word,it's a problem,the problem was easy
Draw your conclusions - solutions?
Anybody else wanna run?
Contorting,distorting - I am undone
One less propaganda nightmare fixture
Are you getting the picture?

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