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Paroles de I Can't Swim

Interprétées par Snoop Doggy Dogg

I am Shag Da, DPG Funk
and I hate water, I never liked to swim
Ahh put me down
let go of my leg
I hate water
I cant swim

No matter where I go, you got your eyes on me
and everybody is sittin around waitin on me
Show us how ya do it, Uncle Snoopy
So move over with yo technique, you niggaz gunna respect me
Man I was doin this shit before i even learned how to crawl dawg
gettin in the blue, by mutha fuckas like a rawl dawg
and niggas wanna know if i smoke new ports or marlboros
Man im fuckin with that bril shit
nigga can you feel this
I make that shit up for millions

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