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Paroles de Follow The Leader

Interprétées par Soca Boys

The roof, the roof the roof is on fire.

Chorus: Folow the leader, leader, leader follow the leader. (4x)

Up, down, up, down ,up, down, up, down.
everybody up
And now hand in the air, one hand in the air and we go from the left to the right.
watch this
left, right (12x)

Chorus: repeat

jump for the left, jump for the right,jump for the left,jump for the right. (2x)

Clap, and wait
Clap, and wait (2x)

Chorus: repeat

Now repeat after me, you repeat after me everybody repout after me
Say I love soca
(I love soca)
Say I love soca
(I love soa)

Now somebody, anybody everybody scream.

Chorus: repeat
on 4 we're gonna jump and wave
Now we jump on the way, are you ready for jump?
One, two, one two three four.
jump and wave, jump and wave, jump and wave, jump, jump, jump, jump. (2x)

Chorus: repeat

the roof the roof the roof is on fire, we don't need no watherlander, burn, burn (2x)

Chorus: repeat

now wehn i count to 4
we're gonna move to the left 4 times
on other words you stay left untill i say come right
and every time you hear the word central
central means jump and wave

are you ready?
we're gonna jump 4 times
1 get ready to move
2 get ready to move
1,2,3,4 move

move back to the left (4x)
move back to the right (4x)

jump and wave (8x)


and breese

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