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Paroles de Nameless

Interprétées par Staind


The walls around me caving in
Cracked and gray Remind me of myself
I need some help There's no one else
I'm empty Addicted Pissed off
And still afraid
Of what you Have left me To live in
This mess you've made
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless.
The ride is over I've come down
Hate to be
Can't rely on myself, for my own health
To just say NO
I'm fucked up
And drained
All of my Deep rooted Fears
seem to get The best of me
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless.
I hate the way you fuck with me
You can't rely on open eyes to see I force these
painful visions from my head
You won't be happy till I break down
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless..

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