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Paroles de Back to madness

Interprétées par Stratovarius

Album : Stratovarius (2005)
Paroles et Musique : Timo Tolkki

Another winterday is gone
I'm lying here all alone
There are many like me here behind these closed doors

Somehow I lost the way
Fear just led me astray
Deep into the labyrith of my warped mind

I lost all of my belief
And I felt my spirit break
Through the rain, storm came over me

Back to madness
I go back to sadness
I go back to madness
There is no return

Must go back to madness
Must go back to sadness
I go back to madness
Will I ever learn ?
What I don't recall I will repeat

Have you ever been hurt ?
Have you ever been abandoned ?
Have you ever been truly scared ?
Have you ever felt you don't belong here ?
Have you ever felt like you don't have a home ?
Have you ever felt you don't have a chance ?
From the moment of birth we are already dying
Death is the only true salvation
Through death man is reborn
Like a butterfly is born out of a caterpillar
And after that, man is finally free

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