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Paroles de Fourth reich

Interprétées par Stratovarius

Album : Dreamspace (1994)
Paroles et Musique : Timo Tolkki

Sign of the times
And writings on the wall
They show me its time has come
Order of a new kind
We will all find
Stronger than never before

Things are pretty much the same
Like in the year '38
Oh won't we ever learn?
This time it's gonna be different
So let's all join our hands
And let the children sing
For the last time

4th reich is rising
Can't you see the signs?
4th reich is rising
For the last time

Let's just press more money
Don't worry about the inflation
We got to have more weapons to carry on
Unemployment and sorrow
Cannot be avoided at this point
But things will be so different
When they are ruling the world

4th Reich is rising
Can't you see the signs?
4th Reich is rising
For the last time

What will be left to our children?
Is this our final destiny?

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