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Paroles de Freedom

Interprétées par Stratovarius

Album : Infinite (2000)
Paroles et Musique : Timo Tolkki

Higher I set my goals
Everyday I make my own rules that I will obey each moment
As long as I live
This is the life I was born to lead
Unique chance for me to express myself
And fullfill my dreams
I´m in control of this ship of mine
And everything will be just fine

Like the wind I´m free to go anywhere
I got my song, it dances in the air
Now I know what I´ll do with my life
Now you will hear my freedom call

All those bad times I´ve had in my life
Change into blessings if I change the point of view
I needed them to grow I´ve changed so much, I´m finally free
To do what I want without any fear and guilt
It´s so amazing I´m in control...

Like the wind...

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