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Paroles de Mother gaia

Interprétées par Stratovarius

Album : Infinite (2000)
Paroles et Musique : Timo Tolkki

Time waits for no one.
So they say.
It goes on forever.

The tears of pain I see in your eyes
How can we change for the better?

Hate and greed`s getting stronger day by day
Injustice rules the world
Killing the lungs of the Earth
How far are we prepared to go?

I have seen the Light.
It came into my life.
There´s no second chance.
We should have learned by now.
But it´s not too late to change the course.
There´s so much more than this, oh Mother Gaia

Can you see, can you feel all the beauty that we have in this world?
There´s so much to see, forever Ignorance, arrogance
Keep us from being ourselves so we just follow our leaders - Why

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