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Paroles de Why are we here ?

Interprétées par Stratovarius

Album : Infinite (2000) - Limited Edition Bonus Track
Réédité sur Intermission (2001)
Paroles et Musique : Jens Johansson

When the stars are gone forever and planets are turned into dust.
It's a good to escape to lie in the haze.
In the past I found the answer in music and drinking and lust.
Waiting for the end and counting the days.

But I want to find an answer, so what if my terror dies.
And I want to find an answer, I look in your eyes.

Why are we here?
Maybe you hold the answer.

When the skies are dark and winter has hidden the city in snow.
I remember summer's not far away.
And it seems the days are shorter and hours are passing so slow.
It's a nice escape to roll in the hay.

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