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Paroles de Lover Boy

Interprétées par Supertramp

I’ll tell you from the start
He’s gonna break your heart
You can’t stop the lover boy (bis)

He’s gonna tell you lies
But you won’t realize
Because you can’t stop the lover boy
You can’t stop the lover boy

He’s got a thing in his head
It’s from a book he’s read
It’s got a funny title
It tells you how to be vital
He took a lot of time
Over ev’ry line
Because it’s guaranteed
To satisfy

He’s gonna knock’em dead
The boy’s got that book red
You can’t stop the lover boy (bis)

Right from the clothes he wears
The way he combs his hair
You can’t stop him now because he knows all the tricks
He used to have a problem but he got it fixed

He took a small appartment
Above a shoe department
And he could see from his window
All the lights in the street glow
There’s a club on the corner
And tonight he will go there
To find a new affair
So all you ladies beware

He’s got to have a good time in the city
He’s got to have a good time every night
He’s gonna lov’em and leave’em, cheat and deceive’em
He’s gonna show’em who’s wrong and who’s right

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