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Paroles de Ain't no sense in love

Interprétées par Take That

Ainít no sense in love
Iím afraid of the mornig
Iím afraid of the light
You should come with a warnig
You should be wearing a sign
That says youíre beautiful trouble
So you better beware
One look and I was in right over my head

On this misery
Thereís no place on earth Iíd rather be

Youíre not the one I need
Youíre just the one that I want
Makes perfect sense to me
Youíre not the one I need
But youíre the one that I want
Ainít no sense in love

I try to stop myself
So many times
But I keep falling over
I keep crossing the line
The heart of a gypsy and the soul of a stone
Itís just a matter of time before you leave me alone

Oh sweet misery
Fill my heart un and pour it all over me

Itís not logical
Thatís the way I feel
Itís not logical
Itís heaven underneath my skin but itís hell out here

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