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Paroles de What you believe in

Interprétées par Take That

What am I to you and what are you to me ?
Are we getting better or did we used to be ?
What of the songs we used to sing ?
Where are the souls we used to carry in ?
What is a sail without a hurrycane ?
What is a hurt without someone to blame ?
Show me the sky and I’ll climb the stairs
Give me something ‘cause I’m losing it

Give me what it is you believe in
'Cause I give to you my truth
I got all my faith in you
I don’t know which way we are going
Doesn’t matter anyway
Just as long as you will stay

Tell me the word and I’ll shout in out
For what is a voice when in doubt ?
The world has changed
The world will change
Oh give me something cause I need to feel

It’s all good you know
I still love you so
And you don’t have to do this on your own

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