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Paroles de You Are Too Much Far From Me

Interprétées par The Calling

You are too much far from me (for A. B)

A gesture of your part
One alone of your look
Freeze me there

I would have liked to steal your soul
But my heart forbids me him
Because your voice doesn't guide my

The drawing that I have makes you
Doesn't take life
That in my dreams

Since I know
My corp soon aspen, collapse soon
under your languishing voice


You are only a shades
An illusion
Because you are too much far from me

We don't live in the same world
An impregnable gate parts with you
I would never join you

I dream about your presence
Of your arms on my shoulder
Of the your soft whispers

But is only himself a dream
As soon as the sun rises
The shackle amounts to the reality


So one day my writes you arrive
Know that I like you
But you remain too much far from me

Too much far from me

Aurélie DALCOLLETTO (France)

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