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Paroles de Gypsy Rose Lee

Interprétées par The distillers

When I see you lay down
Under pink laquered skies
Baby ill give you something
Thatll shut your eyes
To this mess
When i love you baby
I mean it more than the whole world
And when i take a picture thats instant
It gets lost tonight it gets burned

I said i remember it so i saw your eyes
Go through the tunnel and i remember
Australian sun i was eight years old
You marilyn monroe .. oh gotta
Take it oh yeah take it on playing backyard
Blues, blacktart stuck up in their jaw
I can nail ill nail this on
Oh she ate the whole world

Oh ive tasted i tasted too too many nights
Lost in space i remember kneeling down
My knees caught in the ground

When i love you baby
Gypsy rose.. she rose to me

I remember a rolling stone
Rolling on down through the bones
Oh ya gotta save you gotta save your soul well
She hates the whole world

When i love you baby
I mean it more than just the whole world
And when i saw gypsy rose gypsy rose she rose to me
I know your sin i know sin sin sin youve got wings

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