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Paroles de The first day of my life

Interprétées par The Rasmus

I feel like I'm stoned, I wanna be alone.
Just for a while unknown.
Weeks on a road a long way from home.
just shut off the phone

And you say, I'll heal you.
I'll always be yours.
And you say, I kill you.
If I do something wrong.

Still feels like the first time,
to stand here by your side.
Together regardless.
We walk through the darkness.
Still feels like the first day of my life.

Remember the times, together we swore.
To never give up this life.
Still hanging on, still going strong,
here I belong.

And maybe, I'm crazy.
But I just can't slow down.
Yeah maybe I'm crazy but at least
I'm still around, yeah, yeah.

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