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Paroles de A new decade

Interprétées par The verve

A new decade
The radio plays the sounds we made
And everything seems to feel just right
Coming through your lonely mind
Well I've seen things
That scarred and bruised and left me blind
So come on, listen along with me
I think you need a little company
And how long will I run for?
Who am I running from?
And it makes sense
The youth coming up and making you dance
Coz I've got something inside of me
So come on I could use the company
But now I've seen my face on a cardboard wall
Nobody comes, nobody calls
Teenage tears sting my eyeballs
In a town where I wasn't born
And I will never suffer
So come on, come on, come on
But now I see my face in a cardboard wall
Nobody comes, nobody calls
If your looking for me
I'm there and it's you
If your looking for me out there it's true

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