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Paroles de Virtual world

Interprétées par The verve

See the water break my hand
No one knows my name
I 'm not in demand
Signs ar right
The sighs are here
Who needs virtual world
When I can see it now
I can see it now, oh now, oh now, now
No-one goes no-one a cares
No-one seen it anywhere
She 's breathing into lone dead stars
Have you ever seen it
I ain 't seen nothing at all
Come see the water break my fall
No-one knows no-one comes
Have you ever seen the book?
The one on my help
The one entitled self death, self death
How to earn a million pounds
I can see it now oh the hearse
She 's breating down in a hole in my head
In the dirty half light were
Time means nothing at all
I 'm calling out to some one
anyone who 'll have me?
Does anyone need me?
Does anyone know how to cry?
What happens when I go?
What happens when it snows?
I bet you could if you want'd to end

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