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Paroles de Playboy mommy

Interprétées par Tori Amos

In my platforms
I hit the floor
Fell face down
Didn't help my brain out
Then the baby came
Before I found
The magic how
To keep her happy
I never was the fantasy
Of what you want
Wanted me to be
Don't judge me so harsh
Little girl
You got a playboy mommy
But when you tell em my name
And you want to cross that
Bridge all on your own
Little girl they'll do you no harm
Cause they know
Your playboy mommy
But when you tell em my name
From here to Birmingham I got a few friends
I never was there
Was there when it counts
I get my way
You're so like me
You seemed ashamed
Ashamed that it was
A good friend of american soldiers
I'll say it loud here by your grave
Those angels can't
Ever take my place
Somewhere where the orchids grow
I can't find those church bells
That played when you died
Played gloria
Talkin bout
Don't judge me so harsh little girl

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