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Paroles de After you've gone

Interprétées par Toto

You’re just a mile away
One thousand five tiny steps from here
But if I brought you near
Would you believe when I say,
It seems like yesterday
That I could reach out
and touch your face,
But as I fall from grace
Into whose arms can I lay

It’s always much too late
We get the signs
We can’t comunicate
Or turn back time

Refrain :
So what will be now,
Do you feel somehow
Not so together
And not quite as strong
Now I believe
Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely,
After you’ve gone

If it’s a healing wind
That cools the flame
burning in my sight
It must accelerate
For 2 wrong they don’t make a right

And all these solitaires, lone victories
Wars fought in isolation,
With none to please


The future’s still uncertain
The past is done


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