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Paroles de Last love

Interprétées par Toto

What would you say
If I asked you to stay with me forever
But forever’s too soon
The touch of your hand
And the look in your eyes are
The only thing I know
I know that are true

We only have this life
To forgive and forget
But the only thing that matters
Is we have no regrets

Refrain :
There’s nothing I would’t do for you
There’s nothing I would’t give to you
You know it’s true
Oh can’t you see
You’re the last love for me

Times passes fast
And the hours go quickly
But the fire inside our hearts
It never dies
The sound of your voice
And the way that it moves me
in a special way
Oh I can’t describe

Please take my hand
And we’ll walk the endless road
No one has to lead us
‘Cause we know wich way to go


And if I really hurt you
How sorry I would be
There’s something
I ’ve been trying to tell you
Darlin’ it’s time to know
You’ll always be a part of me

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