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Paroles de Mysterious ways

Interprétées par Toto

I must have aged 20 years in the last seven days
Livin’ on emotion disbelief and rage
I found out the hard way life
is what you make

You can go where you want to go
You can know what you want to know
Take a good look inside you’ll see
You can have it all if you just believe
Times moves in mysterious ways
You’re dancin’ to the music
while the music plays
Accelerates and then delays
Times moves in mysterious ways

Accidents can happen and they always do
It only takes a twist of fate to turn on you
I was at the wrong place at just right time
I thought she was a lover
not a friend of mine


And once it’s inside of me
It’s like a symphony
You’re on a cloud and can’t come down
It’s like a dream then you come around


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