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Paroles de One road

Interprétées par Toto

Time …….
is the enemy of a young man dreams
I ’m standed ….
In the heartland, or soo it seems

I ’m hitching a ridr for a chance at the good life
I ’ll have my own place. Out on fifth avenue
I ’m leavin’ this time gonna walt on that fine line
I ’ll be the firsst one who finally breaks through

Refrain :
One road to the promise land
I hane to get there any way I can
One road to the promise land
Gonna find out jusst who I am

Freedom….do you know what I mean
Flatlands… are all I ’ve ever seen

Stuck in a small town where you live,
then you die
Ain’t nothing but fools workin’
nine until five
I ’ll sleep in the subways till
I get what I need
I ’m gonna stay here,
just lie here and bleed


One road to the promise land
I thought by now I ’d be a different man
One road to the promise land
Guess I found out … just who I am

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