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Paroles de Selfish

Interprétées par Toto

Ashes to ashes
That’s how it ends
(you go from) heartache to heartache
as you make amends
(Just) bigger and bigger
But 2 steps back
You want something from nothing
And you’re so exact

You think you’re a rich man
Now you misbehave
You’re not free a man running
Just a comfortable slave

So selfish
You got more than you can use
But you’re so selfish
And you’re running out of room

Deeper and deeper
As you forge ahead
Higher and higher
Bur you’ve been mislead
Harder and harder
You grind the stone
Faster Faster Faster
Till you’re skin and bones

Too much ambition
Without relief
That ain’t heaven
But it’s what you teach


The world was made in seven days
Your heads are bowed to God in praise
Civilized man can only be saved
When courage and wisdom are
finally raised

Who’s got the answer
Give me the cure
Don’t rush to judgement
Until you’re sure


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