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Paroles de Downfall

Interprétées par Trustcompany

Fear in me so deep
It gets the best of me
In the fear I fall
Here it comes face to face with me
Here I stand
Hold back so no one can see
I feel these wounds
Step down ... Step down ... Step
Am I breaking
Can I break away
Push me away
Make me fall
Just to see
Another side of me
Push me away
You can't see
What I see
The other side of me
Fall back on me
I'll be the strength I need
To save me now
Just come face to face with me
Stay in place you'll be
The first to see
Me heal these wounds
Step down... step down .. step
No one can see
Everything on the otherside of me
I walk I crawl
Losing everyting and waiting
for a downfall
No one can see
Anything one the otherside of me
I walk I crawl
Losing everything on the downfall

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