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Paroles de Concrete lie

Interprétées par Watcha

Concrete lie: unyielding part of your reality
You can't dispose of me what ever you might think!
I bid you welcome to your nightmare
I live inside near the things represed
I'm your conscience, why so anxious?
You can't get rid of me so easely!
I am what you are a lodestar in your mind!
I'm a burden in your dreamland
The pain in your neck
I'm at the root of your worries
Of all sleepless nights I am what you are a lodestar in your mind!
I am what you are i'm your concrete lie!
Concrete lie Saneka salkap apase
Don't you give a damn for my deeds, for my needs
Denying the voice of mine!
Calling you! Calling you!
Biriam'cuz I'll get ya!
See I'm everywhere in the air in the eyes everywhere you look around
'Cuz I am, just I am! Biriama'cuz

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