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Paroles de Wild Wild West

Interprétées par Will Smith

Wild wild west,jim West,desperado,rough rider
No you don't want nada
None of this,gun in this,brotha runnin this,
Buffalo soldier,look it's like I told ya
Any damsel that'is in distress
Be out of that dress when she meet jim west
Rouch neck so go check the law and abide
Watch your step with flex and get a hole in your side
Swallow your pride,don't let your lip react,
You don't wanna see my hand where my hip be at,
With all of this,from the start of this,
Runnin the game,
James west tamin the west so remember the name

Now who ya gonna call?
(not the g.b.'s)
Now who you gonna call?
(g double e g)
If you have a riff with people wanna bust
Break out before you get bumrushed at the

(wild wild west)
When I roll into the (wild wild west)
When I stroll into the (wild wild west)
When I bounce into the (wild wild west) sisqo sisqo

We're going straight to the wild wild west *2
Now,now,now,now once upon a time in the west
Mad man lost his damn mind in the west
Loveless,givin up a dime,nothin'less
(can you feel me)
Then throught the shadows,In the saddle,ready for battle
Bring all your boys in,here come the poison
Behind my back,all the riffin'ya did,
Front and center,now where your lip at kid?
Who dat is? a mean brotha,bad for your health
Looking damn good throught,if I could say it myself
Told me loveless is a mad man;but I don't fear that
Trying to bring down me,this champion
When y'all clowns gon' see that it can't be done
Understand me son;I'm the slickest they is
I'm the quickest as they is
Did I say I'm the slickest they is
So if you barking up the wrong tree we coming,
Don't be startin nothin
Me and my partner gonna test your chest,loveless
Can't stand the heat then get out the wild wild west


To any outlaw trying to draw thinkin you're bad
Any draw on west best with a pen and a pad,
Don't even think about it, six guns,weighin a ton,
10 paces and turn,just for fun,son
Up till sundown,rolling around
See where the bad guys are to be found
And make them lay down
The defenders of the west
Crushing on pretenders in the west
Don't mess with us cuz we're in the (wild wild west)


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