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Paroles de Everybody

Interprétées par Worlds Apart

diamonds in the night rocking this groove together
right round, jump around to the funky sound
this could last forever
soldiers of the heart, fighting for the right
to party, hold on won t be long if you wanna
sing along, here we go now- ooh ooh

everybody you ve got to groove
it s just like me and you
like one and one makes two (everybody)
everybody it s time to move
this is your chance for letting go
and you know that you ve got to
feel the body heat let the rhytm find your feet- yeah

lovers in the night, waking up strangers
in the morning and it s calling to me
come back and we can do it all again
summer s on the beach, heaven is there just
gotta reach out scream and shout, this is
what s it all about - here we go now - ooh ooh


move your body to the sound, shout out
loud and stamp around,
evryone should sing alone - come one


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