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Paroles de Just said i say hello

Interprétées par Worlds Apart

we never said forever
and if we did i never
expected leases to sign
but still i felt so sure
whatever comes
she s a friend of mine

so friend turns into lover
how quickly we discover
the ground we re trading on is mined
love takes no prisoners
but when i reach for her
she s hard to find

inside i cried
but she won t know
(never know) tell her
just say i said hello

i thrive on isolation
an independant station
i m in a unit of one
don t blow my cover now
i know this solo
has just begun

don t say you saw me crying
please don t say you know i m lying
when i pretend that all is fine
just say i m strong and free
don t tell and you will be
a friend of mine


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